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Santa Rosa Counselor Patty Bechtold writes about how to find your inner glow,

Finding your inner glow

Your inner glow is like soft, amber light. Seeping under the door. Gently filling the room with its presence. Tender, undulating light. It is light in more ways than one. I think of those photos I’ve seen of Tuscany, the warm sunlight, entwining its fingers through the vineyards, reaching out to protect and support. The inner…

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Santa Rosa psychotherapist Patty Bechtold writes about how to be your own self-care guide at

How to be your own self-care guide

The ubiquitous self-care guide: it’s everywhere.  I mean, it’s actually a thing. But I didn’t know that until yesterday. It all started when I was thinking about what to write today. I was curious to see if anyone else had written about being your own self-care guide. That’s when I discovered pages and pages of…

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Santa Rosa therapist and life coach Patty Bechtold explores the question of why self care is hard at

Self-care is still hard. Now what?

Not long ago I read a social media post from a woman who’s an expert on self-care. She wrote about how self-care is hard, even for her, and she explained how she’d been through a rough time with it lately. My heart went out to her and I could relate, because I’ve been there too,…

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Why midlife career change is complicated from Therapist and Life Coach Patty Bechtold at, Santa Rosa CA

Why midlife career change is complicated

In my early twenties, there was nothing I wanted more than to act onstage. I was quite certain that this was my one true calling, my destiny. Little did I know that it was actually the beginning of my own journey toward understanding that indeed, midlife career change is complicated. But years before I got…

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Insights on why it's important to be you from Patty Bechtold, Counselor and life coach at in Santa Rosa CA

This just in: You only have to be you

This post is a followup to the one I wrote two weeks ago. The one where I said you don’t have to worry about becoming who you’re meant to be. So here’s the thing I want to add: You only have to be you. Like Martha Graham says in the quote below: there is only…

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