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25 Heartfelt Wise Women Quotes for Midlife

Can you believe that in my 13 years as a blog writer I’ve never put together a quote post? For some reason the stars have aligned today and I’ve gathered up 25 heartfelt wise women quotes for midlife. As I was sorting through the quotes I realized that I wished I’d done this sooner. Because…

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Are you wanting more or wanting less?

Let’s start with the question of wanting more. (It’s a common question, right?) We ask it often, of ourselves and others. We ask it almost automatically in some situations: Do you want more pie? Do you want more space? Yet in times of transition and change, asking what you want more of is far from…

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Make life in transition easier: 14 journal prompts

How to make life in transition easier with 14 journal prompts. Hey, it’s spring again. Winter fades and spring brings buds and blooms and the promise of new beginnings, both internally and in the real world.  Spring, as you probably know, mirrors the psychological process of life in transition. It’s the essential call of self-renewal:…

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Being vs. Doing: Lessons from a Summer Moon

Little did we know what was waiting for us as we got in the car and started our journey home. And never could I have imagined that the moon had a lesson for me about being vs. doing. You see, it had been a long day of doing. In fact, on the scales of being…

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9 Lessons From Wise Women On Time Scarcity and Anxiety

After many years as a counselor and coach working mostly with women, I’m convinced there’s a direct link between time scarcity and anxiety. I’ve seen it get worse over the years. I’ve talked with hundreds of women who feel overwhelmed by multiple roles and responsibilities. And I’ve been in the grips of it myself.  Too…

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