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Santa Rosa therapist and life coach Patty Bechtold blogs about how to take the gifts you give yourself at

How to Take the Gifts You Give Yourself

A few Sundays ago I was sitting at a table, lost in my own world. Paints, sponges, words, images were spread out before me. Journals stacked precariously near the edge of the table.  Definitely, I was making a mess, the good kind. The kind of mess that slows you down and brings you back to…

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Meaningful questions to help you reflect on the past year

Whew, what a year! Certainly one for the books, and I think, one worth reflecting on. Of course, I totally understand if you just want to close this particular book and move on. But before you do, consider for a minute that there’s actually some evidence that supports looking back on your year as a…

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Thoughts about Mary Tyler Moore & career wisdom from Patty Bechtold at, Santa Rosa CA Therapist and Life Coach

Unexpected Career Wisdom from Mary Tyler Moore

You may not remember Mary Tyler Moore like I do. But for a lot of Boomer and Gen X women, she modeled a whole new kind of career wisdom. And when news of her death came a few weeks ago, even Michelle Obama weighed in on Mary Tyler Moore’s influence: how she showed us we…

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