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Santa Rosa Counselor Patty Bechtold writes about how to find your inner glow,

Finding your inner glow

Your inner glow is like soft, amber light. Seeping under the door. Gently filling the room with its presence. Tender, undulating light. It is light in more ways than one. I think of those photos I’ve seen of Tuscany, the warm sunlight, entwining its fingers through the vineyards, reaching out to protect and support. The inner…

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Santa Rosa therapist and life coach Patty Bechtold explores how to cope when you just want to run away from everything

How to cope when you just want to run away from everything

Imagine this: You’re in the car, out on the open road, and suddenly you wonder what would happen if you just kept going. You feel a powerful urge to leave it all behind, because, well, life is complicated. And a part of you just wants to run away from everything. Have you ever yearned to…

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Tips on midlife crisis, anxiety and depression from Patty Bechtold at, Santa Rosa CA Therapist and Life Coach

Midlife Crisis, Anxiety and Depression: Is This You?

Lately I’ve been thinking about someone I got to know back in my teaching days. I’ll call her Stacy (not her real name). She was at the tail end of a triple whammy transition: a midlife crisis, anxiety and depression, all rolled into one. She’d worked for years in the family wine business. And when…

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