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Journaling for Depression: 10 Ways Personal Writing Soothes Depression

Journaling every day helps me feel better. Journaling for depression makes a difference. A few years ago I wrote those words in my journal, after a month of writing consistently. Perhaps you’ve had times in your life like I have, when you’ve felt sad, downhearted, or unhappy. Journaling for depression, I’ve discovered, really does make…

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4 creative ways to boost your mood when you’re feeling down

Lately a lot of people have been telling me they’re feeling down. Or some similar version of that. Words like…feeling blah, in a funk, don’t feel like myself, kind of burned out. You get the picture. So in this post I’ll try to help you answer these questions: Am I feeling down or is this depression? Why…

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Life coach and therapist Patty Bechtold blogs about finding solace in a writing prompt at

Finding solace in a writing prompt

Finding solace. Last month I was talking with a friend and she used the word solace. I remembered it was a word I loved. The essence of it. The sound of it, the way it lingers on your tongue. I thought about two books I’d read in the Before Times that had solace in their titles:…

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My sense of time has a life of its own

(Lately I’m sometimes called to write more personal blog posts that originate in my journal. This is one of them.) It’s remarkable to me how we’re all having this shared experience of the shifting sense of time. I like that we’re in it together, that we’re noticing the vagaries of time right now. I’m glad…

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Santa Rosa Life Coach and Therapist Patty Bechtold blogs about how to welcome it all without dwelling in emotional pain at

How to Welcome It All Without Dwelling in Emotional Pain

Emotional pain. I’d venture to guess we’re all feeling more than our share of it these days.  There’s something else I’ve noticed recently too, perhaps directly related to the times we’re living in. Especially in the personal growth arena, I’ve noticed many more stories of struggle that are sad, difficult, challenging, painful and traumatic. On…

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