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Santa Rosa therapist & life coach Patty Bechtold blogs about the hospital fantasy & other escape fantasies at

Let’s unpack the hospital fantasy

Have you heard of the hospital fantasy? I’ve known about it for a long while, but just recently learned it has an actual name. When I first started seeing clients back in the day, I was kind of surprised when they’d tell me about their hospital fantasies. Partly that’s because I don’t like hospitals, but…

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How to embrace life transition as a creative process

A few months ago I wrote about the signs and clues that tell you you’re probably in the midst of a life transition. And I promised to write more about what you most need during times like these. So I’ve been mulling it over and I keep coming back to this: perhaps what we most…

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What do you do when there are no words?

In the wake of Charlottesville, it’s been a hard week for a lot of people. Me included. An anxious-making week. A depression-making week. An anger-making week. A week bereft of words, even though people everywhere are doing their best to assign words to it. But yesterday I was talking with a friend and almost in…

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Questions to calm anxiety provided by Patty Bechtold at, Santa Rosa CA Therapist and Life Coach

3 Wise Questions to Help Calm Anxiety

Last week I was sitting with a dear friend that I don’t get to see very often. It’s the kind of friendship where you can say anything to each other and you know you’ll be fully heard and supported. As we often do, we began talking about the challenges we’re facing, the things in our…

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