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Nine ways to get through anxious times from Santa Rosa life coach & psychotherapist Patty Bechtold.

9 ways to feel better during anxious times

We’ve had some anxious times here in California lately. Still, we’re getting really good at packing our go bags and having them ready in case of evacuations or emergencies. And these days, you can find tons of online advice about just what needs to go in a go bag. But lately I’ve wondered if we need…

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musings from a therapist's journal-Patty Bechtold writes about how our sense of time has changed during the pandemic at

My sense of time has a life of its own

(Lately I’m sometimes called to write more personal blog posts that originate in my journal. This is one of them.) It’s remarkable to me how we’re all having this shared experience of the shifting sense of time. I like that we’re in it together, that we’re noticing the vagaries of time right now. I’m glad…

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Santa Rosa Counselor Patty Bechtold writes about how music soothes the soul during troubling times,

How music soothes the soul in troubling times

Music soothes the soul. A few days ago a wave of sadness hit me. I was standing in the kitchen, waiting for the kettle to boil. Thinking ragged thoughts and feeling pretty empty. Finding it hard to believe everything that’s been happening. Because it wasn’t supposed to be like this. And without really being aware…

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Santa Rosa Life Coach and Therapist Patty Bechtold blogs about how to welcome it all without dwelling in emotional pain at

How to Welcome It All Without Dwelling in Emotional Pain

Emotional pain. I’d venture to guess we’re all feeling more than our share of it these days.  There’s something else I’ve noticed recently too, perhaps directly related to the times we’re living in. Especially in the personal growth arena, I’ve noticed many more stories of struggle that are sad, difficult, challenging, painful and traumatic. On…

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Santa Rosa therapist and life coach Patty Bechtold explores how to cope when you just want to run away from everything

How to cope when you just want to run away from everything

Imagine this: You’re in the car, out on the open road, and suddenly you wonder what would happen if you just kept going. You feel a powerful urge to leave it all behind, because, well, life is complicated. And a part of you just wants to run away from everything. Have you ever yearned to…

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