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Women’s Groups & Retreats

Do you long to connect with other women in a deeper way?

Maybe you’re tired of the small talk and hungry for real talk. Or you're confused by conflicting messages and unspoken rules about what you’re supposed to be feeling, thinking and doing as a woman today.

You might also be overwhelmed by life transitions and changes, uncertain how to navigate them. Sometimes you feel like a balloon floating in the wind, not sure where to tie your string.

You’d love to connect and share with other women who are experiencing this too. But you can feel so alone in this, not knowing where to turn or how to find others like you.

In a women’s support group or retreat, you’ll discover a safe place where you can be yourself and be real.

With a small, intimate group of like-minded women, you’ll find the community you crave. You'll also experience the kind of support that inspires you and brings you back to your own deep wisdom and creative spark.

Hearing other women's stories and sharing your own experiences helps you feel grounded and more comfortable in your own skin. And when women come together like this, amazing things happen: trust deepens, fear transforms, and answers arrive that you didn't even know you were looking for.

Have you ever wondered if deep connections with other women are even possible these days?

There’s already so much on your to-do list, you might wonder how you'd find the time for it. Even if you did, how do you know you’d feel comfortable with the other women? How do you know there won’t be competition, comparing and gossip?

For sure, you’ll take a little leap of faith when you join a women’s support group or retreat. But I promise to make every effort to ensure a safe, confidential environment that will be a good fit for you (and the other participants). I want you to feel cared for and cared about.

The benefits of circling up with other women far outweigh any doubts you may be having.

  • Go beyond small talk and truly get to know other women
  • Peel away layers of expectations and shoulds
  • Feel grounded and supported during life transitions
  • Know yourself better and feel free to be who you are
  • Nurture and nourish yourself with creativity and play
  • Light up your imagination, confidence and inner strength
  • Share your gifts, and open up to receive other women's gifts
  • Claim what truly matters and actively create a life in harmony with it

Groups and Retreats Schedule

Wise Women Writing to Replenish & Renew 

FREE Monthly Women's Group in Santa Rosa: Go Here!

Coming Soon: Writing Your Way to Wisdom
Retreat day in Sonoma County

Fall 2018: Wisdom Tending - A Women's Support Group
Small group coaching and writing circle meets twice monthly

Women's Group FAQ

What Women Are Saying About The Groups and Retreats

The group is so rare and goes so far. It's the place where I can get things out that feel locked up. I can hear myself. There's so much life and validation in it.

I didn't realize at first how strong a connection would form and how much I'd get out of the artwork and creative process. There's a lot of deeper meaning there that can be applied to your life.

There's something so magical when you let go and allow the process to just happen. Since I'd never done anything like this before I was skeptical. But many of my challenges were the same as the other participants, no matter what our ages.

The group sort of restored my faith in people and helped me realize that deep connections with women are possible. I learned so much from what others were thinking and going through.

I found the activities helpful in better understanding hidden parts and long-lost pieces of myself. Also, I am so amazed by the wisdom, insights, fragility, strength, humor, love, and hope these women have shown and shared.

This group is my healing tonic and soul food!

Are you ready to honor your yearnings for real connection and community with like-minded women?

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