Life Coaching
for Women

There’s the life that you have. And then there’s the life that you yearn for.

Your life’s okay. Yet deep down there’s a nagging thought that keeps coming up for you:

I expected to be more satisfied with my life by now.

Maybe you’re having one of those moments when you’re asking, "Is that all there is?" You realize that your life hasn’t exactly turned out to be as fulfilling as you hoped it would be. 

You've probably tried to change things. But you still feel stuck, not making much progress and not putting your intentions into action.

Maybe you’re getting tired of losing time too. You might even be wondering if the life that you yearn for—full of satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment—is simply a fantasy.

The life you yearn for is not a fantasy. And life coaching can help you get there.

Without a doubt, it can be difficult to do it alone. These days we live in a world that’s "too much with us" as poet William Wordsworth once wrote. It’s full of distractions and chatter that get in the way of creating deep transformation in your life.

It may seem more complicated than ever to stay focused on your dreams and plans, what with the daily grind of multiple responsibilities, dismal news, expectations, and unsolicited advice about the right way to do things and what you should be focusing on.

Life’s distractions can drown out your inner wisdom about what matters most to you.

You may feel confused about what you truly want from life, unsure about what actually does make you happy. Or you may have a better idea of what you don’t want. The result: You feel blocked, doubting yourself and struggling to begin (and begin again).

Alternately, you might have loads of ideas about life changes you’d like to make. You have the best of intentions, but you seem to have lost the inner nudge that takes you from thinking to doing. You begin things but lose momentum. The result: You feel scattered and overwhelmed.

As your life coach, I’ll support you to move away from the distractions, doubt, and overwhelm.

Together, we'll dive into an exploration of what's missing and what matters.

We'll unravel your stories and themes. You'll get to know your inner cast of characters and discover who wants more space at the table of your life.

You might think of this as life coaching with a twist, where we'll find the sweet spot between personal exploration and meaningful action.

You'll be empowered to believe in yourself and open up to your deepest yearnings.

That might look like...

  • A simpler, calmer, easier life, with less stress and more time for you.
  • A more connected life, with mutually caring and accepting relationships
  • A healthful life, prioritizing your physical, emotional and spiritual needs
  • A more creative life, filled with self-expression, originality and imagination
  • A zestful life, full of adventures and new experiences
  • A more fulfilling work life (see career coaching)

Wherever your yearnings take you, I’ll be right by your side as you make your way toward what matters most.

Life Coaching FAQ

Thank you for your wisdom. You have been such a guide, a support and really a mentor of sorts for me. I am listening to my own voice more than ever, taking more risks and keeping vulnerability and creativity at the forefront of all my actions. Without you I'd probably still be wondering where I fit in the grand scheme of things. Instead I have a home in a city I've always dreamed of living, a relationship that's worth working on and a career path that's always unfolding.

-Unsolicited email from a client, used with permission

You can have a more satisfying life, centered on what matters most to you.

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