Journaling for Self-Care: Free Seasonal Workshops

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 Greetings Wise Women! Come fill your well through the magic of reflective writing and journaling for self-care.

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Are you longing to stop and do some journaling for self-care and self-nurturing?

If this sounds like you, there is a place for you here.

During our free seasonal gatherings we focus on…

• journaling for self-compassion and emotional well-being
• writing as a sanctuary and respite in and of itself
• gathering with kindred spirits to retreat, reset, and restore balance

When you join the community you’ll get access to the upcoming or most recent workshop.

(See below for more info about the June 2024 workshop: The Ritual of Re-Remembering Summer)

For each gathering you’ll also get a beautiful PDF handout full of seasonal images, poetry, quotes, and invitations to drop down into a space of reflection and depth.

Our live journaling for self-care gatherings are offered on Zoom.

  • Summer gathering: The Ritual of Re-remembering…Summer
  • Saturday, June 22, 2024
  • 10am to 11:30am PDT
  • Always free, fun, and deep!
  • Handout/Recording provided afterwards if you were unable to attend live.

Sign up here: Journaling for Self-Care

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There’s always a lively group of women who show up for these journaling sessions.

When you sign up you’ll receive a welcome email and become a part of my Wise Women Writing community. I’ll send you monthly Wisdom Notes too.

Finally, you’ll be the first to know about future journaling workshops, writing circles, and women’s circles.

And you will be so welcome here.

What happens during a journaling workshop?

We’ll grab our journals and dive into what we’re moving toward and what we’re moving away from.

I’ll share seasonal poetry and lead you through a simple somatic/body-based activity to help you anchor in words, phrases, and themes from your writing to carry with you throughout the season.

Finally, I’ll share some seasonal images and quotations to jump start the journaling process. That said, you are always free to find your own inspiration and write whatever you need to.

So let’s gather together.

Let’s engage with our deepest wisdom through reflection, imagination, and the wisdom of our senses.

Journaling for self-care is a form of restorative journaling. It creates space for you to release not only your thoughts and feelings onto the page, but your imagination as well.

Without a doubt there is a rejuvenating power in this form of self-expression. And when you can bring your senses to the page along with that, you just might find yourself unraveling deep insights hidden within your own experiences.

Like I always say: you are wise and there’s nothing like a good session of journaling with kindred spirits to bring you back to yourself and your quiet knowing.

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If you need a nudge to join me, remember that journaling…

  • has the capacity to heal and increase well-being
  • helps your brain lay down new neural pathways
  • revives your imagination and creative wisdom
  • awakens your sensing and savoring muscles

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What Women Say About Journaling for Self-Care Gatherings…

You have created something with warmth and heart. -LS


Thank you so much for this workshop.  It was just what I needed! -TB


The session was marvelous. I’m definitely feeling the creative juices! -DB


I felt so supported and held. -TL


Thanks for the inspiring and gentle workshop. -VM

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Patty Bechtold

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