You’re invited to: Journaling for Self Care

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You’re invited to join me for a FREE summer gathering where we’ll be journaling for self-care. It’s called Unraveling the Road Ahead. Read more about it and sign up below.

Have you ever picked up a notebook and a pen and just started writing?

There you were, spilling your thoughts and feelings on the page. Then, almost before you knew it, you felt better.

Well, that was a form of journaling for self-care, even though you might not have realized it at the moment.

Not long ago I had a similar moment. I was sitting in the kitchen drinking my morning coffee when these words popped into my head and landed on the page: Unraveling the Road Ahead.


Journaling for self-care: let’s unfold, unfurl, unwind

Right away I knew that I needed to spend some time unfurling this unknown road ahead. I knew it was exactly the kind of self-care journaling I needed right now.

It also occurred to me that maybe other women needed it too. And perhaps we could begin the journey together in a FREE summer journaling workshop.

Also, I figured we could all use a little more joy in our lives right now too, so we could focus on journaling practices that open us up to joy in the moment and joy in the future.

Join me for Unraveling the Road Ahead on July 17th

I’m so looking forward to a little self-care journaling with a group of wise women. Because: you are wise and there’s nothing like a good session of journaling with kindred spirits to bring you back to yourself and your deep wisdom.

  • Unraveling the Road Ahead: Free summer journaling for self-care workshop
  • July 17th, 11am to 12:30pm PDT on Zoom
  • Recording will be available if you can’t attend in-person

One more thing: journaling is like paradise for your mental health

words: journaling for mental health, wiselifetherapy.comJournaling is pretty easy too, really just a pen and paper. And starting. Over the years I’ve discovered that it’s relatively easy to live it and practice it. And when I do I feel so much better.

So if you need a little nudge to join me, remember that journaling…

  • has the capacity to heal and increase well-being
  • helps your brain lay down new neural pathways
  • revives your imagination and creative wisdom
  • awakens your sensing and savoring muscles

See you on July 17th!