How to Find Your Way Back To Yourself Course

Feeling a bit lost? Maybe it's time to find your way back to yourself.

Like most of us, you've probably had experiences of feeling lost in some way. And sitting right next to that feeling may be a yearning to find your way back to yourself.

You might have a sense of an empty space inside too. Or you're not sure you really know yourself anymore. Maybe it even seems like you've lost track of an important part of yourself.

You may also have a vague feeling of being unfinished, incomplete, or dissatisfied. Even if things look good on the outside, it's like something's missing in you or your life.

And this yearning to find your way back to yourself may be fleeting and transitory, or enduring and long-lived. Or somewhere in between.

If this describes you, take comfort in knowing you’re not alone.

You’re in good company. There's nothing wrong with you if you're feeling disconnected and unsure about how to find your way back to yourself.

And even though I don’t know exactly how this shows up for you, I do know that you have a quiet knowing within you.

You have a deep and abiding wisdom within that can help with the mystery of finding your way back to yourself.

My new ecourse is designed to harness that wisdom to help you feel the way you say you want to feel, and live the way you say you want to live.

In this five-part course, you'll get my favorite practices, wisdom stories, and tools.

  • Meet the symbols of your deepest wisdom
  • Discover quick, effective ways to soothe and ground yourself
  • Uncover the hidden beliefs that make it difficult to find your way back to yourself
  • Open up to your creative, imaginal senses and their gentle healing potential
  • Claim what you're moving away from and what you're moving toward
  • Includes five emails and two guided meditations

I'm always excited to share these practices with clients, so I'm thrilled to share them now with you too. When you sign up you'll also get monthly Wisdom Notes from me, for your wise life journey.

Take the course and open up to undiscovered ahas that are personal and just for you.


What you seek is seeking you.