Free live virtual springtime retreat: You’re invited!

Free live virtual springtime retreat on March 18, 2019 at 5pm. Hosted by Santa Rosa life coach & psychotherapist Patty Bechtold.

You’re invited to a virtual springtime retreat: Writing into the Rhythms of Spring. And I’m delighted to be teaming up again with my dear friend, author and writing coach Charlotte Rains Dixon .

The metaphor of spring renewal almost never fails to energize us.

As poet Mary Oliver writes…

Listen, everyone has a chance.
Is it spring, is it morning?
Are there trees near you,
and does your own soul need comforting?
Quick, then––open the door and fly on your heavy feet; the song
may already be drifting away.

Without a doubt springtime can bring a deep yearning.

We’re longing to let go and make space for what’s new and blossoming.

Yet, in addition to that, Nature herself is a paradox at this time of year, with the arrival of the Spring Equinox..

The world is half in light and half in dark, and we wonder: Is it going to rain or will the sun shine brightly? Can I fling open the windows or must I leave them shut for awhile longer?

Let’s gather together to write into the rhythms of spring.

Let’s find our own sweet spots.

We’ll come together to write and honor the space between winter’s lingering stillness and spring’s robust blossoming through a potent blend of…

•reflective writing
•story sharing
•guided meditation


During our retreat time, we’ll spend two hours together.

We’ll be exploring, what, inside of us, is ready to burst forth into the light AND what still needs the quiet contemplation of the dark.

We’ll be writing together, talking, listening and breathing deeply.

You can participate at whatever level feels good to you. If there’s time, you’ll be invited to share your writing, but only if you feel comfortable doing so. No pressure, no critiques. This writing is just for you.

Live Virtual Springtime Retreat: Writing into the Rhythms of Spring

  • Monday, March 18, 2019
  • 5pm to 7pm PST via live teleconference

If you can’t attend at this time, you’ll get a link to the recording within three days of the live virtual retreat so you can listen and take part on your own.

Once you sign up for the virtual springtime retreat, you’ll be on the list to receive reminders. We’ll also send out the private teleconference number a few days before, with a final reminder the day of the retreat: Monday, March 18, 2019, at 5pm PST.


Bring your journal, a pen and an open heart.

So looking forward to writing into the rhythms of spring with you on March 18!

* * * * *

P.S. Please share the love and let others know about this virtual springtime retreat. They can sign up right here.

Patty Bechtold

Patty Bechtold

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