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flowers on deck, words - You're invited to journaling for self care, blog post from life coach Patty Bechtold at wiselifetherapy.com

You’re invited to: Journaling for Self Care

You’re invited to join me for a FREE summer gathering where we’ll be journaling for self-care. It’s called Unraveling the Road Ahead. Read more about it and sign up below. Have you ever picked up a notebook and a pen and just started writing? There you were, spilling your thoughts and feelings on the page. Then, almost…

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Santa Rosa life coach and therapist Patty Bechtold writes about the power of the human voice during difficult times @wiselifetherapy.com

Do you remember the power of the human voice?

The Power of the Human Voice Hey, you know that thing you carry around with you all the time? The thing that stores your social media apps, finds the sourdough bread recipe, gives directions, updates you on the latest news, texts that you’re running late? Yes, it’s all that but there’s so much more to…

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Santa Rosa therapist Patty Bechtold shares 3 ways to cope with advice overload at wiselifetherapy.com

Advice Overload: 3 Ways to Cope

Hello and Happy New Year! I came back to work today and couldn’t help but notice that the advice machine is in full swing as it usually is in January. Yes, advice overload has arrived, yet again. You probably know how advice overload goes: a constant stream of advice aimed at women. Basically, the advice is…

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Journaling prompts from Patty Bechtold at wiselifetherapy.com

Moving Away and Moving Toward: Writing Prompts for Year’s End

We’re in the flow of moving away and moving toward. The end of another year, another decade. The beginning of new ones, and who knows what they’ll bring? Most of the women I talk with these days are feeling a bit worn out at the end of 2019. And there are a bounty of reasons to feel…

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Santa Rosa psychotherapist Patty Bechtold writes about how to create a sense of belonging when you feel lonely at wiselifetherapy.com

How to Create a Sense of Belonging

We all yearn for a sense of belonging. Almost every woman I know, including me, is still making her way through some aspect of this. Sometimes the yearning for a sense of belonging feels like a lonely ache in our hearts. And today, as I gear up for the next round of the Wisdom Tending…

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