Self-Esteem & Self-Compassion

How to Let Things Come to You and Let Things Go

Is a part of you longing to let things come to you? I know that might sound a bit passive, particularly in the world in which we live. Normally you’re advised to go out and get, fix what’s wrong, and pursue (rather than receive) the next thing. Although letting things come to you can be…

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Enoughness vs. Not Enoughness: Let’s Call a Truce

Much has been said about enoughness and its flip-side, not enoughness.  Not surprisingly, I’m kind of partial to the subject, and not just because it shows up often in my therapy and coaching work with women. I also have my own vivid memory of a long ago scrawl on a crumpled piece of paper, my…

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The Mindful Way Through Compare and Despair

Compare and despair. You’ve probably experienced that, right? That moment when you compare something about yourself or your life to someone else’s. In that moment you might find yourself tunneling down into uncomfortable feelings of distress and dismay, perhaps even edging toward a kind of despair. Something gets triggered for you, or you sense something’s missing about…

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