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You’re invited to: Journaling for Self Care

You’re invited to join me for a FREE summer gathering where we’ll be journaling for self-care. It’s called Unraveling the Road Ahead. Read more about it and sign up below. Have you ever picked up a notebook and a pen and just started writing? There you were, spilling your thoughts and feelings on the page. Then, almost…

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Make life in transition easier: 14 journal prompts

How to make life in transition easier with 14 journal prompts. Hey, it’s spring again. Winter fades and spring brings buds and blooms and the promise of new beginnings, both internally and in the real world.  Spring, as you probably know, mirrors the psychological process of life in transition. It’s the essential call of self-renewal:…

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How to change your perspective fast

How to change your perspective fast: journaling from the top of the mountain. More than any other landscape, the mountains shift our perspective. What we see and know at the bottom of the mountain is not what we see and know at the top. –Mary Reynolds Thompson, Reclaiming the Wild Soul Last month in the…

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Caring and kindness: Shadow Work

I wrote this during a gathering of the Soulful Journal Writing Circle. My inspiration came from my circle sisters and from Joy Harjo’s beautiful poem (see below). Caring and kindness: Shadow Work We must take the utmost care and kindness in all things. Especially in the ways we see ourselves, know ourselves.  Inner caring and kindness is the…

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Nine ways to get through anxious times from Santa Rosa life coach & psychotherapist Patty Bechtold.

9 ways to feel better during anxious times

We’ve had some anxious times here in California lately. Still, we’re getting really good at packing our go bags and having them ready in case of evacuations or emergencies. And these days, you can find tons of online advice about just what needs to go in a go bag. But lately I’ve wondered if we need…

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