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Enoughness vs. Not Enoughness: Let’s Call a Truce

Much has been said about enoughness and its flip-side, not enoughness.  Not surprisingly, I’m kind of partial to the subject, and not just because it shows up often in my therapy and coaching work with women. I also have my own vivid memory of a long ago scrawl on a crumpled piece of paper, my…

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Journaling for Depression: 10 Ways Personal Writing Soothes Depression

Journaling every day helps me feel better. Journaling for depression makes a difference. A few years ago I wrote those words in my journal, after a month of writing consistently. Perhaps you’ve had times in your life like I have, when you’ve felt sad, downhearted, or unhappy. Journaling for depression, I’ve discovered, really does make…

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Journaling for Self Care: You’re Invited to Free Seasonal Gatherings

Greetings Wise Women! Come fill your well through the magic of reflective writing and journaling for self-care. If you’re a woman who wants to explore journaling for self-care and self-nurturing, there is a place for you here. During our free seasonal gatherings we focus on… • journaling for self-compassion and emotional well-being • writing as…

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7 Life Paradoxes to Help You Feel Better

Not long ago I bought a book of Zen koans. It was an impulse purchase, and I snatched it up without thinking much about it. It seemed like the perfect resource guide for these ambiguous, ambivalent times we’re living in. I’ve read that koans are helpful for understanding the paradoxical aspects of reality. And even…

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The Myth of Making Time for Yourself. And What to Do Instead.

Have you ever read or heard someone say that making time for yourself is really important? I’m guessing that you have, since this advice is commonly directed at women. So in the first part of this post I’m sharing my thoughts about why it can be so hard to act on this advice, in spite…

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