Career Coaching & Career Counseling
for Women

Do you ever envy those women who seem to have perfect careers?

Those are the stories you often hear, right?

Not only have they known all along what they were meant to be and do, but they’ve also been tremendously successful, blissfully happy and made a lot of money too.

It’s enough to make you think something’s wrong with you if you’re struggling with your own career path.

Please know this: There’s nothing wrong with you.

In fact, you’re not alone if you see yourself in any of these statements...

  • You yearn for a meaningful career, but don’t know what you truly want
  • Your current career doesn’t reflect your potential or who you really are
  • You feel stuck and disconnected from your purpose, passions or callings
  • You’re interested in many things and feel confused about narrowing them down
  • You often feel drained by work stress, work relationships or work expectations
  • You’re afraid you’ve waited too long, and can’t afford to make a change

Women of all ages and professions experience career stress and uncertainty.

You might be surprised to learn that most women question their careers at some time in their lives, even those who appear to have it all together.

Since our society places such a high value on success, lots of women are uncomfortable talking about career challenges, especially around others who don’t understand. So it’s normal if you feel somewhat hesitant when you begin to open up about your work life.

One of the great benefits of career counseling and coaching is that you have the opportunity to safely explore your own definition of success, moving away from career shoulds and moving towards a larger, more personal definition of career that reflects your unique gifts, experiences and deep desires.

Lingering career dissatisfaction can increase stress in other areas of your life.

When you’re unhappy in your career, it’s hard not to bring it home with you.

Although you want to give your full attention to your personal life, you’re often preoccupied with thoughts about work. Your life feels out of balance. This can lead to relationship struggles, as well as excessive worry and anxiety.

You might also pull back from loved ones and friends, because you suspect they’re tired of hearing you talk about work.

And those Sunday night blues? Well, they can eventually morph into every day blues and you feel down or depressed most of the time. Not to mention the blow your confidence takes when you’re doubting your purpose and questioning your possibilities.

A holistic approach to career coaching can lead the way out of career dissatisfaction.

Our coaching will take a whole-person/whole-life approach. You'll explore what it would be like for your work to be in alignment with the rest of your life.

Through this process you’ll also have a chance to delve into the history, influences and experiences that bring you to this place in your career and life. As you gain insights and ideas, I’ll help you create a plan so you can start taking actions and moving forward.

Career Counseling and Coaching FAQ

You really understand me in a way no one else could, and you had a great part in helping things happen for me. You helped me see myself in a different light, which gave me the confidence in myself to believe that I had this in me.

 -Unsolicited email from a client, used with permission

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