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How to Begin Again…and Again

We’re well into January and I’m feeling surprisingly optimistic. Here’s why: I believe more and more women are finally turning toward the possibility of learning how to begin again. In other words, we know that the the old way of proclaiming “New Year, New You” just doesn’t work. We’ve also gotten wise to the false…

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How to Explore the Meaning of Life through Journaling

A major part of the meaning of life is contained in the very discovering of it. It is an ongoing experience of growth that involves a deepening contact with reality…the meaning of life cannot be told. It has to happen to a person. —Ira Progoff Today I’m taking a deep dive into the meaning of…

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9 Ways to Manage Anxiety During Anxious Times

No doubt you’re aware that we’re living during anxious times, which tends to not only increase anxiety, but also make it harder than ever to manage anxiety. In fact, these are particularly difficult times: times of political upheaval, wars, climate change. And that’s just the short list of the ongoing challenges we face at this…

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Enoughness vs. Not Enoughness: Let’s Call a Truce

Much has been said about enoughness and its flip-side, not enoughness.  Not surprisingly, I’m kind of partial to the subject, and not just because it shows up often in my therapy and coaching work with women. I also have my own vivid memory of a long ago scrawl on a crumpled piece of paper, my…

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