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Why summer play is good for your mental health from Santa Rosa Therapist Patty Bechtold at, Santa Rosa CA

Why summer play is good for your mental health

It’s the day before the summer solstice, and I’m sitting on my patio writing this in the warm sun. I’m surrounded by just-blooming lavender, riotous (and sweetly scented) jasmine vines, yellow-buttoned santolina and a host of other perennials that are either flowering profusely or soon will be. The finches are calling back and forth to…

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10 things to tell yourself when self-compassion feels hard, from Therapist and Life Coach Patty Bechtold at, Santa Rosa CA

10 things to tell yourself when self-compassion feels hard

In my day-to-day work as a therapist and coach, there’s often a theme that appears. It weaves its way through a week or a month. It keeps showing up, like brightly colored yarn that stands out in a multi-colored shawl. Most recently, that strand of yarn has been all about the reality that for many…

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Wisdom Tending_ New women's support group with Santa Rosa therapist and Life Coach Patty Bechtold

Wisdom Tending: support, connection and time to nurture your life

Deep within you is a primal memory of women, coming together.  To listen. To encourage. To share stories. To tend and honor wisdom. And most of all, to support and stand by each other. You may have noticed it can be a bit hard to find that kind of support these days. Nowadays, instead of…

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After the fires: Letting go in order to create what comes next

The poppies are back. Their bright orange faces are everywhere right now, but they enchant me most when I see them cascading down a wall in the Fountain Grove neighborhood. Sadly, Fountain Grove was hit hard by the Santa Rosa firestorms, and I remember the first time I drove through and saw the destruction. I…

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How to embrace life transition as a creative process

A few months ago I wrote about the signs and clues that tell you you’re probably in the midst of a life transition. And I promised to write more about what you most need during times like these. So I’ve been mulling it over and I keep coming back to this: perhaps what we most…

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