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Meaningful questions to help you reflect on the past year

Whew, what a year! Certainly one for the books, and I think, one worth reflecting on. Of course, I totally understand if you just want to close this particular book and move on. But before you do, consider for a minute that there’s actually some evidence that supports looking back on your year as a…

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Thoughts on survivor guilt from Therapist and Life Coach Patty Bechtold at, Santa Rosa CA

Thoughts on survivor guilt and the Santa Rosa fires

Here in Santa Rosa, survivor guilt has become a topic of conversation during the past month. Quite a few clients, friends and relatives have expressed their thoughts and feelings about it to me. And I’ve had my own moments with it too. While I know I’m lucky because I didn’t lose my home, I’m sad about…

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Insights on why it's important to be you from Patty Bechtold, Counselor and life coach at in Santa Rosa CA

This just in: You only have to be you

This post is a followup to the one I wrote two weeks ago. The one where I said you don’t have to worry about becoming who you’re meant to be. So here’s the thing I want to add: You only have to be you. Like Martha Graham says in the quote below: there is only…

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Wisdom on becoming who you're meant to be from Patty Bechtold of Wiselife Therapy and Coaching in Santa Rosa CA

You don’t need to worry about becoming who you’re meant to be

On my trips around the internet this the past month, I’ve seen a quite a few programs and services that want to guide you to “becoming who you’re meant to be.” But you know what? You already are exactly who you’re meant to be. So please don’t let anyone suggest you’re not. Because there’s a…

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New women's writing group in Santa Rosa facilitated by Patty Bechtold, counselor, therapist and life coach

New: Women’s Group in Santa Rosa

As far as I’m concerned, there’s almost nothing better than a good women’s group. In fact, one of my very favorite things is circling up with like-minded women to share and create together. For about five years I had the pleasure of doing just that, guiding women’s wisdom circles and being a part of a…

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