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Journaling for Self-Care: Free Seasonal Workshops

 Greetings Wise Women! Come fill your well through the magic of reflective writing and journaling for self-care. Sign up here: Journaling for Self-Care Are you longing to stop and do some journaling for self-care and self-nurturing? If this sounds like you, there is a place for you here. During our free seasonal gatherings we focus…

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How to Let Things Come to You and Let Things Go

Is a part of you longing to let things come to you? I know that might sound a bit passive, particularly in the world in which we live. Normally you’re advised to go out and get, fix what’s wrong, and pursue (rather than receive) the next thing. Although letting things come to you can be…

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Thoughts from a Modern Therapist in Santa Rosa

Until a few years ago, I’d never heard the term modern therapist. And when I saw a mention of it on social media, I thought it might refer to a therapist who uses the most up-to-date theories or modern techniques. My curiosity was piqued, so I clicked over. That’s when I discovered a meme about…

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