Therapy and Life Coaching for women who feel like something's missing.

(together, we can do something about that)

On the outside,
your life might look just fine.
But on the inside you don't feel fine.

You've lost track of an important part of yourself.

There's an empty space inside, and you're not sure you really know yourself.

Your self-esteem and self-compassion need a boost.

You're hard on yourself, your own biggest critic. You think you're not enough.

Stress, anxiety and worry are frequent companions.

Your thoughts can go a mile a minute. You feel tense and it’s difficult to relax.

You've been overwhelmed by grief, loss or life transition.

You feel raw and confused, and are struggling to make sense of things.

It's hard to feel joy and you wonder if you’re depressed.

Your enthusiasm is missing, and it's an effort to get through the day.

You thought your life or career would be more satisfying.

You’re unsure where you’re headed, or can’t get going on your plans and goals.

If you're a woman who feels like something's missing in you or your life, you're not alone.


Hi, I'm Patty Bechtold.

I'm a counselor, coach and therapist in Santa Rosa CA. And I'm devoted to helping women find their way back to themselves.

Here's what I believe: there's a wise woman inside of you waiting in the wings. She's there to help you find what's missing and find yourself again, even when you feel lost or uncertain.

I offer services all along the continuum of counseling, coaching and therapy for women. Therapy is available to all California residents. Life coaching is available wherever you live.

Currently I split my time between Santa Rosa and Mendocino, and meet with clients through online video sessions or telephone sessions.

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Counseling & Therapy Services

Coaching Services

You don’t have to do this alone.

Therapy, coaching, groups, courses. They really can help you connect to your deepest wisdom.

  • Reclaim the parts of you that got left behind
  • Know yourself better and feel free to be who you truly are
  • Be kinder to yourself and more comfortable in your own skin
  • Create healthy boundaries and make your needs a priority
  • Relax and open up to deeper, more satisfying relationships
  • Feel confident making decisions and moving forward
  • Live with joy, meaning, purpose and wisdom

Feeling a little lost? Begin finding yourself again with this five part ecourse.

You’ll also get monthly Wisdom Notes from me, for your wise life journey.